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Getting pregnant ?


For those who want to become pregnant are some important things that a healthy lifestyle , pleasurable sex and folic acid . In some cases, it is highly advisable to ask the doctor . Timely advice Furthermore, it is useful to consider the financial implications of the family. Sometimes couples can not conceive naturally .

For detailed background information, the book is " Getting pregnant , Handbook of child Erwe operators and doubters " recommended. It was written by Mariel Croon . ISBN 9080811319

A healthy lifestyle to become pregnant means no smoking, no alcohol or (soft ) drug use , not overweight and have plenty of fruit and vegetables . This is not a matter of women alone, but applies to both partners . Cases cited are in fact affect the endocrine system . A healthy lifestyle means for the woman that she improves her fertility . For the man is wearing a healthy lifestyle to the quantity and quality of the seed.

Have enjoyable sex means : to deal in a relaxed way with sex to get pregnant . Tension or stress can arise from a natural pregnancy hamper . It's good to know that when most couples about a year ( ! ) Takes - to be . Regular sex during the fertile period - pregnant

It is highly recommended that a woman starts taking folic acid tablets about 1 month before stopping contraception ( 0.4 or 0.5 mg per day ) . Adequate folic acid is essential for proper development of the child. It is a vitamin that occurs naturally in many fresh foods. To make sure that you get enough folic acid is needed to swallow . Supplemental folic acid tablets The advice is to do up to 10 weeks after the first day of the last menstrual this. The tablets are freely available from the chemist and they are not expensive . More information can be found at

timely advice
In some cases it is advisable to seek advice from the doctor or midwife about the children. This so-called " pre-conception advice" is especially important for :

Women with diseases for which they visit a medical specialist or regularly use drugs
Couples with a hereditary disease in the family
Couples with a family band
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financial implications
Who think about it to become pregnant, it is best to also consider bringing . Financial consequences in map The following questions arise are addressed .

Is either less work ?
What does this mean for the monthly income ?
Child care is needed and what kind of child care ?
What are the tax opportunities around childcare? What is deductible and what is not ?
Is the current home for family planning ?
Should be grown ?
What items are needed and what costs ?
What does a child about a month? And in the future ?
In general, getting a child to reduce income and increase costs. Double price so ! It is wise to think how this change can be collected. Advance The distribution of work / life changes when most couples after having a child . The better prepared you are, the more you can enjoy the arrival of the little one!

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Not spontaneously pregnant
Despite a healthy lifestyle and a year-long pleasurable sex happens that couples failing to conceive naturally . It is however advisable to consult the doctor. The doctor may do an exploratory investigation of infertility or above refer to the gynecologist . It is assessed whether the conditions to become pregnant are present. Those conditions are present, treatment is often not necessary. If there are differences, the cause is , if possible, removed , and / or starts with medical supervision of reproduction , such as IVF .

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