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Breast and bottle feeding
Breast and bottle feeding
Breast and bottle feeding

Breastfeeding is the best start for you and your baby . Sweet Mommy Maternity believes it is important that (future) parents receive information in a professional manner
so you can make a conscious choice what food you are going to give . to your baby
A good guidance on breastfeeding is important for its success . To ensure this guidance Sweet Mama Maternity is trained maternity nurses employed . Our maternity nurses are trained annually in the field of nursing. In addition, Sweet Mama Maternity also contact for any lactation lactation care .
On the website you find more information about the organizations active in the field of protecting, promoting and supporting breastfeeding .
Sweet Mommy Maternity operates according to the known ten tips for successful breastfeeding .

10 rules of thumb
UNICEF and WHO ( World Health Organisation ) are convinced that health care , and in particular the pre-and postnatal care , exert a major influence on the success of breastfeeding . Following the Code of 1981 identified ten principles in 1990 at an international level for a good breastfeeding policy . Following these ten tips for successful breastfeeding .
All settings for maternal and child health should be required to ensure that care:

  1. They have a policy on breastfeeding on paper , that default is made known to all staff involved
  2. All staff involved in learning the skills necessary for carrying out that policy
  3. All pregnant women be informed about the benefits and practice of breastfeeding
  4. Mothers within an hour after the birth of their child are breastfeeding helped
  5. Explained ( expectant ) mothers how they should keep their babies and how they can maintain milk production, even if the baby from the mother should be separated
  6. Newborns no food other than breast-fed or extra fluid , unless medically indicated
  7. Mother and child day and night stay in a room together ( " rooming - in " )
  8. Breastfeeding on demand is pursued
  9. To newborns who receive no pacifier or dummy data breastfeeding
  10. Breastfeeding support groups ( parent groups ) can be formed and that (future ) mothers are referred to the termination of the care for these groups